Google improves rankings for domains with SSL certificates

Google has introduced changes to it's algorithm that puts sites which use SSL higher in the rankings. The change has been implimented to encourage websites to improve privacy and security by using https: as the default protocol for their websites. Many large websites are beginning to use https as their main way of browsing their website. Using https makes it much more difficult to intercept and read internet traffic.

With the increase in mobile device usage, there is increased risk that hackers can use network scanning tools to intercept your browsing data, and can use this information to steal you identity, or to create false phishing pages which look like real websites.

The downsides of using SSL is that it is more expensive to run than a basic website, and the process of encrypting web data may slow down your web browsing experience.

Google have commented that the change will only have a small effect on website ranking, but in the cut-throat world of SEO, any small change can mean a significant difference in traffic and conversion rates.