Below are a sample of client experiences and feedback that Blackbox E-Marketing have received.

In developing three medical projects - ShoulderDoc.co.uk, Orthoteers Educational Resource and the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic, Ken Powell and his team not only provided the technical expertise to improve the website but also useful guidance, advice and a personal touch. It proved to me that there is more to developing a website than technical knowledge.

Each aspect of the site was done by a specialist in that area and it shows. The speed in which the site was developed and up working was excellent and their enthusiasm and commitment to the project was impressive. Ken's experience in medical marketing meant that they understood the particular requirements of a medical website. Subsequently, I have employed Ken Powell and his team for other projects and recommend them to colleagues.

Prof. Lennard Funk

Consultant Upper Limb Orthopeadic Surgeon

As the Head of Sales and Marketing at Classic Hospitals, before its sale to Spire, I can confirm that Blackbox Emarketing have increased our Web traffic by 600%, generating over 500 enquiries a month - the conversion rate from enquiry to Out-patient rocketed from 32% to 68% - I would highly recommend Blackbox.

Mr. Matthew Kelvie

Sales & Marketing Director

I would like to pass on my immense thanks to Ken and his team, who have helped recently. The service has been fantastic! I have also sent the engineer Myke an e-mail thanking him personally because of the sterling work he did working along side me, to assist my gaining an undertsanding of the editing tool and my new website. Once again, many thanks. It is appreciated and reinforces my belief that I chose the correct company for my web site and other services. I will not hesitate in recommending the team to anyone.

Mr. Robert Farnell

Specialist Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Surgeon

Marketing has been a key component of our business development, and the assistance, advice and support that we have had from Ken and Myke has been invaluable. They have helped me personally develop five medical websites, each of which has been created by them with the utmost efficiency and care, and the patients' compliments of the quality of the websites has been a testament to just how good a job they have done. The team have been a pleasure to work with and I can wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Mr. Ian McDermott

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Ken Powell and his company produced a high quality, user-friendly manual and interactive CD Rom which met all the co-sponsors' (British Council and UKCOSA's ) needs and integrated their corporate brands. Its innovative design was equally effective in hard copy and electronic versions and was well-received by a large audience. The whole process was completed professionally and on time.

Susan Rawlinson

Regional Education and Training Advisor, British Council British Council

Ken Powell had managed our hip resurfacing website well and maintained its position at the top of key search engines with consummate ease.

They had also worked closely with the MoM group on the initial layout and branding of the VSP area at the Warwick office.

Mr. Terry Smith

Marketing Director, Smith & Nephew BHR

Having given Ken Powell the opportunity to prove themselves on a project for us, I am happy to report that the work has been very well received. Briefing the team was easy and successful ensuring that all of our objectives were met. I would certainly be happy to work with this friendly and supportive team on future jobs!

Sarah Dunscombe-Berry

Marketing Officer, AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)

This company brought a breath of fresh air to our online marketing. They worked to understand our needs in a competitive marketplace and succeeded in differentiating us from our competitors with their bold solution. From initial discussion & briefing through to successful delivery on schedule they proved to be thoroughly professional in all respects.

Ian Gordon

Managing Director ,Peak Translations

During the period from early 1997 until early 2002 in my capacity first as Head of the UK Regional Network of the British Council, subsequently as Head of Quality Development, I commissioned the services of Ken Powell and his company on several occasions.

I was always delighted with all the work Ken undertook for me. Projects ranged from the relatively small, such as posters and flyers, to a suite of large-scale, complex manuals and brochures. In particular, Ken always demonstrated very high levels of professionalism: he took the trouble to research and get to know the organisation, carefully listened to and ensured he fully understood the brief, and met our objectives with a high quality product on schedule.

It is worth noting that there were occasions where we had to ask for delivery sooner than planned. On one occasion, because data was provided late from elsewhere, there was an almost impossible deadline. Each time Ken worked without a break until the product was ready, still on original schedule. Ken never let us down.

Ken sets high standards for himself in all his work. I would not hesitate to recommend him and to use him again.

Tony Lockhart

Acting Director British Council - Turkey

This company were particularly sensitive to issues of working with young people, and in particular of working around constraints of time-tabling and events. We are extremely pleased with them and praise the quality and presentation of the professional projects they present. Thank you for your hard work and friendly attitude to working with us.

Eileen Stewart

Deputy Headteacher - MHS, Trafford Borough Council